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Neck pain, headaches and vertigo: symptoms and solutions

Neck pain is a frequent complaint in today’s stressed out society. It is associated with stiffness and reduced ranges of cervical motion. The pain may radiate to the region between the shoulder blades or into the arm and may provoke pins and needles, numbness or loss of power in some of the arm muscles. Neck problems also cause a lot of headaches and/or vertigo.

 So why do we get neck pain?

Lots of people suffer from neck pain associated with their work or leisure activities. Too much time in front of the computer, especially if the screen is at the wrong height or angle can produce a lot of muscle cramping in the cervical and shoulder muscles. Text neck produced by the head down position associated with texting can do the same. Bad pillows, often the very ones designed to maintain the right posture can also be the culprits. So can stress. Old injuries from sports, falls or motor vehicle accidents, add to the list.

The right techniques can solve the problem

Whatever the initial cause, the problem is always the same. A combination of trigger points in the sore, contracted muscles, misalignment between the vertebrae in the neck (cervical vertebrae) and restricted motion. The correct application of techniques to realign, mobilize and relax can have extraordinarily quick results.

A large body of research from leading chiropractic, osteopathic and medical researchers attest to the safety and effectiveness of manual approaches such as chiropractic in the care of short and long term cervical pain syndromes.

Please remember to make sure that if you consult someone that they are a properly qualified professional. For further information you can consult my website here.