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The following list includes the disorders that we see most often and which usually respond well to chiropractic treatment

  • Low back pain with or without leg pain. Pain in the lumbar region may be deep and constant or sharp and stabbing. It may radiate into the leg or groin provoking sensory changes and pins and needles. The pain is usually caused by changes in the muscles, joins, discs and nerves of the vertebral column. The list of disorders most commonly seen in our centre include: colon, lumbago, disc hernia, sciatica, stenosis, and others pains syndromes, related to the lumbar spine.
  • Neck pain, with or without arm pain. Neck pain is a frequent complaint in today’s stressed out society. It is associated with stiffness and reduced ranges of cervical motion. The pain may radiate to the region between the shoulder blades or into the arm and may provoke pins and needles, numbness or loss of power in some of the arm muscles. The cervical pain syndromes which we most frequently see include Whiplash, postural strain, stress related cervical pain, torticollis and disc hernia.
  • Headache and migraine. Although there are many potential causes of headache, the majority pertain to mechanical and/or stress related changes in cervical function and as such, respond well to chiropractic care. If it is believed that your headache may have a different cause, you will be referred to the appropriate specialist.

  • Vertigo, instability and dizziness are frequently related to cervical spine dysfunction and, like headache, tend to respond well to chiropractic care. Once again, if it is believed that your symptoms stem from other causes, you will be referred to the appropriate specialist.

  • Joint pain. Many people suffer from pains in their joints. Just as in the spine, changes in muscle tone, joint movement and tendon health can produce pain and discomfort that is highly amenable to chiropractic treatment techniques. The disorders that we most frequently see include, shoulder pain, tendinitis, frozen shoulder, capsulitis, Knee pain, arthritis, arthrosis, patelo-femoral syndrome, tracking disorder, runners knee, elbow pain, tennis elbow, epicondylitis, wrist pain, carpal tunnel, hip pain, bursitis, osteoarthritis and foot pain, heel spur, plantar fasciitis and chronic or recurrent sprain.

Patients suffering from these disorders tend to respond very well to chiropractic care.