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Disorders of the dorsal region

Disorders of the dorsal spine

In a similar way to that of both the lumbar and cervical spines, dorsal spine pain usually has its origin in the same set of postural and muscular changes. Unlike the lumbar and cervical spines however, dorsal spine pain does not radiate into the arms or legs but rather may radiate round the rib cage and into the chest. Such anterior chest pain can be frightening and a clear cardiac screen is used to assure that the pain is indeed of dorsal origin. The ribs are attached to the dorsal spine and as they are intimately related to breathing, many patients with dorsal spine pain also feel that their breathing is restricted. Chiropractic manipulation of this region often provides startling relief of pain and an improvement in breathing freedom. In such cases patients usually report an increase in overall energy as oxygenation improves. 


Limb pain

Our arms and legs don’t get a much better dealt than does our spine. Our legs carry us all day long whilst our arms are busy manipulating our world.The accumulated stresses and strains are usually enough to produce aches,pains and eventual degeneration in Knees, hips or feet and in wrists, elbows or shoulders. Not many of us will escape without knowing pain in at least one of these hard working areas.

Let’s take a closer look at the functional changes in the muscles, joints and tendons of our arms and legs and how those changes produce pain and limitation.